Fern Resort

What a great family vacation spot. We enjoyed our visit to Fern Resort.

A weekend at Fern Resort is a magical, family-focused time with lots of options for mom and dad to get some alone time, too. Checking out the website and other online reviews shows a fantastic array of activities, beautiful lake setting, gourmet dining, and family fun.

You may know by now that the momstown team loves the annual visit to Fern Resort. For this spring's conference, we were able to see all around the resort and find even more reasons to visit Fern Resort with our families this summer!

So it turns out I’m a winter outdoors enthusiast. No kidding. And although I am a good chunk of the way through my 38th year of life, I never knew this until recently. Winter always seemed like a nuisance at best and deadly at worst. Why would I leave the warmth and comfort of my home unless it was absolutely necessary, like taking the kids to school or taking myself to work, or an emergency run to the LCBO?

Busy schedules, sports games on the weekend and crazy work routines means that our family has to get creative each summer to find a little time to get away. We love to find vacation spots close to home, so that we don't waste time in the car (the kids always say they like to drive as long as it takes to watch one DVD)!

Fern Resort serves up amazing winter fun for the whole family! momstown families got to enjoy the best of winter over the holiday break and took advantage of all the amazing things that Fern had to offer. We found so many reasons to visit Fern - here are our top 10!

This past weekend, momstown on the move was hosted by Fern Resort in Orillia for our National Conference and we are still buzzing from the experience and service! Fresh thinking starts in great venues.

momstown on the move had an unforgettable experience at Fern Resort this summer. It's a vacation that is truly designed with the whole family in mind. A great combination of family time, adult time, and kid fun packed into one amazing resort.