Say so long to Tarzhay, hello to the Oscars and "You go, girl!" to ladies everywhere who kick butt

By Sonia Verma

Don't let a #sleddingban and snow discourage you from running off your kids' energy. From one end of the country to the other, from play spaces to water slides to museums, momstown makes it easy to find fun this winter, without having to wade through the white stuff

By momstown staff

Make it fun for kids ages 4 to 7 to get up and moving with an activity tracker that promotes active play and healthy habits

By Diana Dunnell

There are lots of first time hockey families rushing around this September looking for the perfect gear, equipment and apparel for the upcoming hockey season. If you are a first time hockey mom, this can be completely overwhelming!

Becoming a mom is the best feeling ever but it's okay to feel that at times, you need some time alone.

Dr. Worobec discusses how important movement is in raising healthy kids. Practicing what you preach is great advice!

It’s that time of year! All of a sudden, the population of your town or city seems to explode as everyone comes out of hibernation to walk, jog, cycle or stroll. If you’ve got a little one and the itch to get outside, why not turn your next walk into a workout? Better yet, grab a few girlfriends and make a weekly date for a stroller fitness workout together in your local park!

Here are the top 5 pregnancy exercise myths, from Dara of Belly Bootcamp, still circulating around out there and the truth and reality about what’s safe when you're expecting.

What is mommy tummy? Do we all have it? Can we ever get rid of it? Hear from the experts.

A new year often brings resolutions - and high on many a mama's list is a health or fitness goal. Whether it's to get fit with your kids, carve out time for your own exercise, or just to have fun with a new activity, momstown Finds has 5 ways to turn your TV or gaming system into a fitness coach!