after school snacks

Try some of these Earth-inspired delights to help your child understand and enjoy Earth Day on April 22

These muffins check off all the boxes: Easy, fast, delicious, kid-approved, and (shhh!) HEALTHY! Grab them on your way out for an on-the-go snack, or as a fun treat in your child's (or your own) lunchbox

Do you love mini eggs? Chocolate? Instant gratification? Hit the local bulk store to stock up on a few Easter candies and chocolates and set to work on these easy Easter treats.

I hit our local bulk store to stock up on some simple recipe ingredients to do some fun baking with the kids during March Break. Using pretzels and white chocolate melting wafers, you can create this yummy St. Patrick's Day treat!

Let your kids mix and match their favourite cereals and add-ins for this lightning-fast, healthy snack, perfect for when you're rushing from school to practice and need something fast, light and nutritious

By Kara Heald

There are lots of ways to learn from your pumpkins or even eat your pumpkin, and you may have thought about making your own roasted pumpkin seeds but just let the moment pass. Using the following go-to guide and very yummy spice tosses may change your mind this year while carving out that pumpkin – Enjoy!

The door opens after school and in run the hungry, hungry kids, fresh off their math or gym lesson with grumbly tummies!

What's the one thing that every mom hears when the kids first come home.... what can I have as a snack? Some kids might love to help make their snacks and do homework while they bake, others might like to have it all laid out on the table to dig right in after a long day of learning! Whether you're grabbing a snack on the go or settling in to do some homework, it's a struggle to come up with healthy snacks for kids afterschool each day.

This month our momstown curriculum theme is Dinosaurs! Moms and kids will be creating crafts, digging for bones and even eating silly snacks that look like dinosaurs! We love these top 10 ideas to help your budding paleontologist learn even more about different types of dinosaurs!

Moist, delicious and nut-free for school lunches. Making them mini makes them perfect pop in your mouth snacks on the go for kids and parents!