garden crafts

They won't wilt or make you sneezeThis Mother's Day, we've got 5 great ways to make homemade flowers for mommy - they won't wilt and you can keep them forever.

Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfec time to teach your child about the changing of the seasons and what's new for spring! Here's how to start a conversation about gardening, and how to create a learning window garden

By Ann-Marie Burton

Flowers are in bloom and are a perfect gift for Mother's Day or even for a special teacher at the end of the year. We love that you and your child can make a vase using a recycled juice container and some foil.

This craft is a combination of learning the sign AND doing a handprint craft that mom or grandma will treasure for Mother's Day. This is a great craft to make at Sunday School or even in classrooms to send home as a Mother's Day piece of art!

Enjoy this fun and easy craft from momstown when you need a little touch of spring! Just some tissue paper and pipe cleaners - and you're ready to make these beautiful tissue paper flowers!

A little water added to the dirt makes a nice paint mixture! Children of all ages can get into this dirt-inspired alphabet craft from momstown which is also a great activity to try during an outdoor playgroup with mixed ages.

Here’s a great way to get your lover of diggers to the craft table with a fun, interactive and maybe a little messy art project. Complete with “dirt”!!

Our momstown Guelph chapter holds a very cool monthly science group and their focus recently was very springlike - they learned about seeds!

Make a pretty flower pattern with this simple activity from momstown, using paint, cookie cutters, and paper.

momstown Guelph celebrated Earth Day with our little ones with some paper crafting. We made earth spinners for the garden.