This Father's Day, let Dad sit back and relax while you and the kids make one of his favourite BBQ dishes!

A Father's Day favourite go-to recipe is a simple BBQ steak dinner - perfect for guests or even just a casual date-night dinner. Kelly from Oakville has made this for guests several times and it always gets rave reviews. We love this best bbq steak marinade.

You can add this sauce to a sandwich, mix it in with pulled pork, marinade and then brush it on ribs while BBQing or brush it on chicken... And the list goes on. I hope you like it, it's a favorite at our home.

I'll admit that I'm much more of a chicken lover than a fan of red meat, but I have a house full of boys who LOVE a great steak! Buying and cooking steak is not something I do often, so I set out to research all that I needed to know to impress the carnivores in my life and the guests to my house this summer!

Who doesn’t want to try a recipe that’s named “Cheery”?! Sounds like a party! Cheers to the momstown member who submitted this recipe for our 2011 spring recipe contest!