comfort food

After a night of decking the halls, this is comfort food at its best: Warm, cozy, versatile! Use our base recipe -- and secret ingredient -- and add in meat or vegetables to your liking. Try it for pot lucks or lunch, too!

By Kara Heald

There's nothing like making classic dishes from scratch, especially when the kids can get involved in the kitchen, like our own momstown Junior Chefs! We love this classic mac and cheese in a baked casserole for a quick dinner and left overs for school lunches! Comfort food at it's best!

Zucchini season is here! If you are growing them in your garden soon you will be overrun with zucchini and need options to turn them into something delicious. Possibly, something that hides the zucchini like in this recipe...

Our Junior Chefs events always have great meal ideas that get the kids involved in the preparation, teach them about nutrition and empower them to make healthy choices! We love these pizza muffins as a great twist on a classic pizza night. Add the toppings that your family loves and enjoy!

What's the ultimate comfort food? I would say mac and cheese! It's a great side dish or main (with some raw veggies) and left overs make the perfect lunch box meal!

Recently I met someone who didn’t know what a S’more was! Figured maybe we need the real directions so every family can get in on the fun this summer! Here's how to make everyone's fave summer treat.

With Mother's Day around the corner, it makes us remember those special dishes that Mom or even Grandma used to make. The desserts that she made without a recipe or the meals that she made from memories of her own mother are the ones we still hold close in our hearts.

There's nothing like a great recipe passed down through generations. Here momstown Brampton shares her favourite Nanna's Lemon Meringue Pie recipe, enjoy!

Winner of our spring recipe contest, here's a terrific fruit crisp recipe that will be a family favourite!