easter bunny

Sure, kids love to get a little bit of chocolate, but how about a bit less sugar? Try getting the Easter Bunny to drop off some of these fun ideas

The kids might be excited to hunt for chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny but do they know the true meaning of Easter? Here are some simple activities that even young preschoolers can understand about this special time of year.

My kids wanted to make homemade Easter baskets this year, so we looked in the recycling bin to see how creative we could get! Taking a Kleenex box, and simple craft supplies, we made a bunny Easter basket with a carrying strap!

With spring upon us and now Easter on the way, we love to learn new signs to help baby learn ways to communicate!

We love to use recycled craft supplies whenever we can, so we grabbed a plastic cup and some popsicle sticks to make this colourful rainbow Easter basket!

It's Easter Sunday and like many houses we have some bunnies with serious sugar highs hopping around!