When the end of the school year arrives, many moms scramble to find the perfect gift for that special teacher who helped nurture and teach their child. We've asked teachers and moms for their best ideas on what to get as a thank you gift when school ends, here are 25 ideas for teacher's gifts!

A new report was released today from the Globe & Mail that outlines the academic impact that full day kindergarten has on our Grade 1s. Is it glorified daycare or is it helping prepare our kids?

We've asked the teachers we know and we have the inside scoop on what they REALLY want to receive as gifts. You might be surprised at some of the ways in which they would love to acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year!

Is there anything cuter than seeing your little kindergartener singing on stage? Is your child the one that belts it out or stands silently (even though they sing everyday at home)?