teachers gifts

When the end of the school year arrives, many moms scramble to find the perfect gift for that special teacher who helped nurture and teach their child. We've asked teachers and moms for their best ideas on what to get as a thank you gift when school ends, here are 25 ideas for teacher's gifts!

Flowers are in bloom and are a perfect gift for Mother's Day or even for a special teacher at the end of the year. We love that you and your child can make a vase using a recycled juice container and some foil.

We were looking for a really creative gift for a special teacher and I immediately thought of making a word cloud. This is a perfect gift idea for birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day.

The kids are counting down the days until school is out for the holidays, but most moms are struggling to find the perfect gift for the teachers that impact our children's lives each day. We have the TOP gift ideas for teachers that are also perfect for hostess gifts as well- all under $20!

We've asked the teachers we know and we have the inside scoop on what they REALLY want to receive as gifts. You might be surprised at some of the ways in which they would love to acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year!

The almighty rule of Teacher’s Gifts is that Gift Cards reign. Don’t think of it as impersonal or tacky – it’s the most practical and beloved choice by all teachers. Add in a personal craft or special card and all teachers are thrilled.

momstown Finds is (kinda) looking forward to the end of school... but with it comes buying the end of year teacher presents! We're doing your homework for you and we've got some great teacher gifts to recommend - whether your child is in daycare, preschool, kindergarten - and up!

End of a school year - and time to tell your child's teacher how much you've appreciated him or her! How about my teacher ROCKS - using rocks!

A quick adapt of a Father's Day craft brought home from school gave us at momstown inspiration for an end of year Teacher gift!