play dough

Dinosaur month at momstown is full of fun crafts, silly dino snacks and lots of learning about different types of dinosaurs! We love this simple craft to get kids to think about where they dinosaurs would live. Using recycled and natural ingredients can make the perfect dinosaur habitat or diorama.

It's officially winter which can mean CABIN FEVER! What to do to keep your kids engaged, creative and out of trouble? These 8 ideas are great boredom busters for any child.

Making the Olympic flag is a perfect teachable moment for so many early learning skills; colour recognition, patterning, cutting and gluing! Once you and your child recognize the Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red pattern, there is no end to how many ways you can create these rings in your house and practice making the pattern! Here are 5 ideas to make the Olympic Flag with your child.

To get us in the Olympic spirit, we started to think of ways to make the Olympic flag. We also learned that each colour was meant to represent a colour on the flags of all countries who participate! Here's one fun way we practiced some great fine motor skills, patterning, colour recognition, and shapes!

Last Halloween momstown Milton had a trick or treat party and we gave out Pumpkin Playdough to all the kids to take home as their "treat". It smells awesome and is fun to play with!

This month, momstown moms and kids are taking off! What a great chance to learn about space by exploring the planets, stars, sun, moon and even ride some cool rocket ships!

momstown kids from toddler to school age got into the fun sensory activity of making and playing with cloud dough!

Check out this science playgroup that momstown Guelph has started! Introducing kids to science is a great way to teach them about concepts, their surroundings and how things work.Have a child really into dinosaurs? This would be a excellent project to do together with a dino theme!