Valentine’s Day is Friday, so we thought our momstown Mississauga members deserved a special Valentine’s Day themed Junior Chef – heart shaped pizzas and chocolate covered strawberries!  This monthly program is part of our nutrition pillar at momstown. We teach our kids about healthy eating - right from the start!
Each child received a small piece of dough that they stretched and flattened before using a heart shaped cookie cutter to create their perfect little hearts, then topped it with pizza sauce, cheese, mini pepperoni (so cute!) and peppers.  We opted for a red pizza to go with our Valentine’s Day theme.   

While their adorable little pizzas were baking, they got to work on their strawberries.  Long stemmed strawberries were dipped into melted milk chocolate, then rolled into mini heart candy sprinkles.  We placed their prepped dessert into the fridge to set, just as their pizzas were finishing up in the oven.  We were all impressed with their little creations, especially the kids. 

They were so excited that they even asked to have their pictures taken with their meals!  Not only did their pizzas look impressive, but they were delicious too (yes, at least one mama stole a taste!)  Once their little bellies had had enough pizza, and leftovers were packed up to take home, out came dessert! 

Their strawberries were beautiful and from the looks on their faces, were just as tasty.  Our afternoon together also included some free play for the kids, as well as some great down time for our mamas with a cup of tea and conversation. 
Developing new friendships in a fun and inviting environment is what momstown Mississauga is all about.  Our quality programming teaches you how to teach your children about nutrition in a fun and nurturing environment. We hope to see you and your junior chef at our program next month!


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